Geartec PSKE 900 HW


Machineno 2070-E2011
Machine type Bevel Gear Testing Machine
Make Geartec
Type PSKE 900 HW
Build year 2013
Control NC
Storage location Malsch stock
Origin Deutschland
Delivery time immediately
Freight basis immediately
Price on request

Technical details

max. wheel diameter 900 / 500 mm
gear width 500 mm
module 1 - 10
spur gear - distance of shafts 20 - 520 mm
workpiece weight 50 kg
spindle bore 90 mm
spindle turning speed - stepless 0 - 100 U/min
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. 2,7 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 2,0 x 2,4 x 1,9 m

Technical description

Single flank rolling tester, original Klingelnberg, 2013 retrofit by Geartec.
Measurement of bevel gears and spur gears:
Single flank pitch deviation; Single flank pitch jump; Long-wave / short-wave
Share of pitch deviation; Mean value of the single-flank rolling deviation;
Max. Value of the single-flank rolling deviation; Backlash between input and
Output shaft.